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Banc de Binary – the place to start you career in binary options

Posted by on Jan 30, 2016 in Banking, Binary options, Smartphone | Comments Off on Banc de Binary – the place to start you career in binary options


         Most people who participate in daily transactions on the global market already know what are binary options, but a lot of ordinary people are still oblivious to this concept and they miss out on a lot of potential opportunities. Financial trading is a very promising area, and a young and ambitious person with a desire to move forward and to make a decent living from their skills should explore the benefits of such an activity.

Binary options are especially easy for beginners, and this field is probably the best place to start your career in financial trading.


Binary options are a method of trading which is based on a very simple and straightforward idea – the trader must guess if the price of a certain asset will reach a given amount in a certain period of time. With constant fluctuation of prices, this type of trading offers a lot of possibilities and a lot of excitement, and this is perhaps the main thing that attracts all those traders from all over the globe. Binary options usually have a success rate of around 70-80%, and traders are more than happy with those odds, since they offer a solid chance of successful investment and subsequent profit.


FE-Binary-Option  A lot of companies are present on the global market when it comes to trading with binary options, but one of them leads the pack and holds the number one position with supreme authority. The name of that broker house is “Banc de Binary”, and this name is certainly familiar to anyone who has ever been involved in any kind of trading activity with binary options. A leader in the market and one of the founding fathers of this trading method, “Banc de Binary”is an epitome of binary options and the right place to start your career in binary options.


The enormous popularity of “Banc de Binary” comes from several factors, predominantly from the fact that this broker house offers immaculate service and complete care for its customers. Many attributes of this broker are copied by other companies, since “Banc de Binary” always goes first and introduces revolutionary services and features as soon as they are invented. Binary trading signals are just one of several elements which were firstly offered by this pioneer in the world of binary options. This company offers completely safe and secure trading environment, which is also very beneficial to beginners, since they usually cannot afford to lose any investments. Also, great customer service has become almost a trademark of “Banc de Binary”, and super-efficient and friendly teams work day and night just in case someone may need their assistance. That is why Banc de Binary is one of the top 10 Best Binary Option Brokers.


repricing_maximizeprofit_1All of these elements are a clear indication of the legitimate and professional nature of this enterprise, and traders can be sure that they will be protected and taken care of on this website and they only need to worry about making the right bets. Your bank account will soon see the difference.

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All you need to know about “24Option”

Posted by on Jan 29, 2016 in Banking, Smartphone | Comments Off on All you need to know about “24Option”


         Many broker houses that are involved in trading with binary options claim to be the best in the business and to have the best environment for trading with this type of assets, but most of them have just recently started to operate in this market and they are using cheap marketing tricks to attract new traders and people who are not yet fully aware of the situation that is present in this part of the global financial sector. Those companies that are new, unregulated and without any proof about their reliability are most probably just scam websites, and their main goal is to steal personal information and certain amount of funds from the traders and never to be seen again.

However, if a company has a long tradition and a large customer base it is clear that it operates in a legitimate manner and that clients and their satisfaction are the top priority for such a company.


One of them is known as “24Option”, and if we speak about good, dividend-paying-etf_8 than “24Option” review is something that is simply necessary. This company has all of those attributes that make a good broker, and this “24Option” review will try to provide additional information to those traders that are not yet sure if this is the company for them.


“24Option” review has to start with the basic or general information, and when it comes to “24Option” – this enterprise was founded in 2010, registered in Limassol, Cyprus and it is under the ownership of “Rodeler LTD”. As it was among the founding fathers or pioneers of this type of trading, “24Option” has significant experience and accumulated knowledge about the world of binary options, and this can be felt in the ways that they approach their customers and in their relations with other broker houses. Even though this company belongs to the group of those “old” brokers, it still has management that is always willing to experiment or to introduce new technological and other improvements.


Top-Option-Broker-Logo-150 As it is regulated by CySEC, this company follows all safety procedures and security protocols and there is no fears when it comes to security and protection of client’s investments or personal information. SSL encryption is also incorporated into the mechanics of the platform that was provided by “TechFinancials”and there are several other methods of protection and checking.


“24Option” review is also obliged to mention that there are 200 assets that can be traded via this broker and the usual success rate is 70-80%, which means that a customer has a pretty high chance of making that large profit that they always dream of. There are 4 levels when it comes to account on this website and they are called Beginner, Standard, Gold and Platinum. All of them will get you several perks and benefits, and your only job is to place accurate bets and to hope that the outcome that you chosen will actually come true. It is not so easy to win money with binary options, but with a bit of luck and a lot of hard work, even that can be done in the satisfying manner.

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Binary option robot – a new method of trading

Posted by on Jan 25, 2016 in Banking, Online, Smartphone | Comments Off on Binary option robot – a new method of trading



         In every area of human activity every once and a while we come across a new addition to the “old ways”, i.e. to some new way of doing things and achieving results. Usually those new methods are better and more efficient versions, which is the reason why people accept them and use them as the new norm. This is a natural cycle of life, and it can be related to the “survival of the fittest”, which just proves that the principles of evolution can be found everywhere and that nothing is so sacred that it could not be replaced by something better.


Money_G369f2bdd7c2One such example we have in trading with binary options, where binary option robot assumes the position of the “new” and where a real-life human trader would present the “old”, and where the new is making strong claims to slowly but surely make human traders obsolete and unnecessary, giving birth to a whole new method of trading. Of course, this process will take time but we can see the first signs of such an occurrence in the fact that a binary option robot is capable of making a trade without any interference from the real trader, performing what is often called as auto-trading. Software developers are making robots better and better, and new codes and algorithms are written as we speak to enhance the performances and attribute of these trading programs.


The main idea behind a binary option robot is fairly simple, and it can be summarized in several words – robot is a computer program that uses sophisticated algorithms to be able to “read” trading signals and to act according to those signals, i.e. to place investments on behalf of the client, even when the client is not aware of the trade being done. Independent nature of these programs allows the clients to be free from staring at a monitor or to analyze large volumes of data, and to even be far away from the computer or anything similar and to still make trades and be involved and active on the global trading scene.

BinaryOptionRobot-fyiAlthough binary option robot is a relatively new phenomenon, it managed to attract large numbers of traders and to establish itself as dominant method of trading, making all other attempts futile. Customers who subscribe to the services of a binary option robot will usually get a scam-free and reliable program, which is easy to use and has a good rates when it comes to success. Most often payout rate when it comes to binary robots is around 75-85%, which is enough to turn heads and cause attention in the markets of trading with binary options.


Binary option robot is sure to help you in your dream of earning that super-high profit, but firstly it will help you to have more free time so you can dedicate it to other important aspects of your life, while simultaneously being able to increase your bank account with each passing minute. Using a good robot is a great advantage in this type of trading, and all new brokers should explore this option as much as possible.

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Banc De Binary: All you need to know

Posted by on Jan 21, 2016 in Banking, Online | Comments Off on Banc De Binary: All you need to know


Nowadays, it is pretty easy to trade through the Internet with the Binary options method. It is the latest and agreat approach. It will probably be hard for beginner to choose a broker because there is a great number of them worldwide. But it all depends on assets,trading platform,the minimum deposits and payouts, account size and on customer service, too.

So, it can be said that Banc De Binary is a global investment house specialized in Binary Option Trading. Banc De Binary is founded in 2009. It offers its users 120 different tradable assets by giving amazing payout amounts of up toninety % on certain assets.

You can enter their platform immediately if you want to since they will provide you with an updated Spot Optiontrading platform.

  • Bonuses that are achievable at Banc De Binary:
  1. Up to 50% bonus of the openingdeposit.
  2. Traders taking the bonus are not allowed to make withdrawals. This is only the case until they have created trades equal in amount up to 20 times to their first deposit.
  3. Before one had accepted bonus that is being offered they have to take into consideration a great number ofters and conditions so as to be able to withdraw their funds.  If trader refuses the offered bonus, you will have a chance of depositing and withdrawing as much as you need.
  4. What beginners / first time deposit traders need to bear in mind isthat deposit bonus iseven 100 %.
  5. Also, traders are able to earn 2.5 percent of their unused funds’interest on their trading account.
  • Banc De Binary software:

ProfitsBanc De Binary has recently updated trading platform called Spot Option that gives both, an amazing as well as smoother performance of trading. This is even easier now since they have introduced Fast Trading Options, too. These are: 30-Second Trading Options, 60-Second Trading Options and 120-Second Trading Options that make Banc De Binary be the user friendly way of trading.

Banc De Binary customer support:


Users of Banc De Binary are provided with twenty-four-support in a large number languages they are fluent In viavarious communication services including Live chat as well as e-mail:

  1. Arabic language
  2. English language
  3. Cantonese language
  4. Japanese language
  5. Spanish language
  6. As well as Mandarin language.
  • The depositing funds that are available when trading throughBanc De Binary areBritish Pound,Euro, Japanese Yen, and  US Dollar,
  • MasterCard-logo-4C5D228602-seeklogo.comFounding accounts available: International,Money Gram, Discover,Dinners Club, MasterCard,  LaserJCB, Wire Transfer,Liberty Reserve, Carte Bleue, Maestro, Dankort, CartaSi, and MoneyBookers.
  • Minimum Deposit to be invested is two hundred and fifty $.
  • The following deposit methods allowed here are :Wire Transfe,rElectronic Payment, and Credit Card.
  • Accepted credit cards when trading via the Banc De Binary are as follows:, Visa, Maestro, Diner’s Club International, Amex,and Mastercard.
  • For Wire Transfer, traders are obligated to invest the minimum of 1000 dollars.



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Best online brokers

Posted by on Jan 18, 2016 in Banking, Online, Smartphone | Comments Off on Best online brokers

There are some people who have 1$ and later that day they made out of that 1$ a pile of money with 500$. Anybody can do this with a little bit of luck and some patience. These guys made a simple account on some online broker house and the rest is history. This is a modern trading and there you can trade company stocks and currencies. This is very interesting way to trade and it is requiring all sorts of various skills.

These broker houses are offering you all sorts of benefits if you are trying to join them as a fresh trader.  Starting your trade in the beginning is a little bit hard thing to do but you shouldn’t be desperate because these sites are offering you a program called binary option robot. This program is made to assess your risks while you are trading. Its function is very simple and what is the most important this program will speed up all of your assessments processes so you could trade very fast. You should know that this tool is using all serious and successful traders. The other benefit when it comes to the registration to these broker sites is welcome bonuses for new traders.

You should check out all the potential sites and pages and check out which one suits you the best.

They are mostly graded by their binary option robot and the robots effectiveness is valued by its win success rate. Win success rate depends on the right assessment of the selected currency and its oscillations on the market. And the last but not least these sites are offering you demo accounts. These demo accounts represent you the real account on the page and you can trade there for fictional money but what is most important you can improve your skills and your trading in general.One of the Banks that is going to help you is Banc de Binary.

images (4)For a successful trader, strategy is all what matter. You need to have a good strategy for every market movement although you should know that perfect formula for this doesn’t exist. If you don’t know how to get along with this strategy thing then you should check out online meetings of these traders. These meetings are called webinars. On these webinars you can share your thoughts with other people and hear what they have to say. This can be very motivating for you and can improve your skills greatly. You should be careful on the other hand because most of the experts says that those strategies aren’t one hundred per cent secure and that the golden rule is to make your own decision, no matter what.

Anyway, here are some facts and some ideas when it comes to the online trading and making money that way. I hope that you will find this useful and as I mentioned before, be careful. Nobody will secure your money and if you lose it once, you will lose it forever. Be careful especially with those people whose luck will present your demise. Good luck with trading!

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